100: Celebrating 100 Episodes!

I have learned a lot from my experience of hosting 100 episodes of my podcast. When I first thought about starting the Encore Entrepreneur podcast, I was inspired to create a platform where business owners over the age of 50 could learn about marketing in a simple and accessible way. However, I faced challenges in finding the right format for my show and even put off launching it for several years.

Through persistence and an open mind, I found success by trying out different formats and adjusting my approach to make it suitable for a podcast audience. I also learned important lessons along the way, such as the value of being a good listener, having a good process in place, and letting go of my perfectionism.

In addition to sharing my podcasting journey, I also reveal some of the mishaps I have experienced while recording my podcast and the importance of social media in promoting my show. I even introduced a new segment called “Encore Stories,” featuring interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs.

Overall, my experience highlights the importance of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and being open to new ideas and formats. So, if you’re thinking of starting your own podcast, take some advice from me and be persistent, flexible, and open-minded. Who knows where it might take you!


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