How Personality Type Tests Can Improve Our Businesses and Our Relationships with Our Clients

**Discover How Enneagrams Can Benefit Your Business**

Do you ever wonder why you’re wired the way you are? Do you have trouble understanding your employees, colleagues, or clients? Lori Lyons, the host of Encore Entrepreneur, has some insight for you. In her latest episode, Lori delves into the topic of personality tests and how they can be applied to small businesses.

Specifically, Lori focuses on the Enneagram personality test, which divides individuals into nine distinct types. By understanding one’s own type and those around them, business owners can improve communication, resolve conflicts, and better relate to their clients.

Lori notes that personality tests like the Enneagram are not only valuable for self-awareness, but also for team building. She explains that having a variety of personality types in a team can lead to more creative problem-solving and better decision-making.

So, are you ready to discover your type and learn how to apply this knowledge to your business? Lori recommends taking a test, such as the one offered by Truity, or seeking out a specialist in enneagrams. She also invites listeners to join her private Facebook group, Make Your Marketing Simple, where they can connect with other business owners and share their experiences.

In the end, Lori hopes that listeners have found this episode informative and helpful. To learn more about the top 10 messy marketing mistakes entrepreneurs make, visit messy And don’t forget to subscribe to Encore Entrepreneur for weekly updates on how to succeed as an entrepreneur.

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