The Beauty of Business Support with Essie Escobedo

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to balance all the tasks required to run your business? Join us for this episode for Essie Escobedo’s advice. With over 23 years of experience running her business, Office Angels, Essie knows a thing or two about delegating tasks effectively. Her advice includes identifying your ideal client, networking, and prioritizing tasks before seeking help.

One of Essie’s key recommendations is to hire before you need it and start with one task at a time. By doing so, you can build trust with your workers and ensure they are providing the highest quality service possible. Essie also emphasizes the importance of creating a brand that stands out and identifying your target market.

Another valuable insight is the importance of having a plan and knowing your worth as a business owner. By doing a break-even analysis and knowing how much your time is worth, you can delegate tasks that are costing your company money. Essie also stresses the importance of keeping a good set of books for your business to ensure its viability.

Overall, Essie’s approach to client relationships and delegation is a must-listen for any entrepreneur looking to grow their business. Check out her book, “Stop Doing That,” for even more valuable insights.

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