The Power of Building Relationships with Jen Starks

Are you a networking powerhouse? Join Lori as she interviews Jen Starks, a master relationship builder and networker. Jen hares her background in psychology and social work and her current role in a UK-based startup. She emphasizes the importance of relationship marketing, personal development, and timely follow-ups in business.

Jen also discusses her approach to networking, which involves understanding people’s needs and struggles and looking for opportunities to help them. She shares her experience of starting a professional women’s group during the pandemic and managing her busy schedule as a single mother of four.

Jen shared her insights on effective networking and relationship building. She emphasizes the importance of taking initiative and following up after networking events. She prefers to be the one to initiate contact and likes to connect with people on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Jen believes in building friendships first and finding ways to add value to others. She focuses on understanding the needs and struggles of the people she meets and looks for opportunities to help them. Her goal is to establish partnerships and support each other’s businesses.

You can find more about Jen and connect with her on social media networks:
IG @jenrochestarks
linkedin – search for Jen Starks

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