The Secret Weapon When Setting Goals

Are you struggling to achieve your goals? Lori Lyons, host of the Encore Entrepreneur podcast, has some tips for you! In her latest episode, she talks about the power of goal setting and manifestation, and how to train your brain to achieve your desired outcomes. Lori emphasizes the importance of being clear on what you really want and breaking down big goals into smaller, achievable steps. She also introduces the concept of the reticular activating system, a group of neurons in the brainstem that acts as a filter for what’s important. By visualizing and actively seeking out what you want, you can train your reticular activating system to recognize and focus on it. Lori also emphasizes the importance of taking action towards your goals, and not just relying on manifestation. So, if you want to achieve your goals, start setting clear intentions and visualizing what you want, and put them within your reticular activating system. And don’t forget to join Lori’s private Facebook group to share your goals and thoughts on this approach!

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