Building a Profitable Business Around Retreats with Linda Cain

In today’s episode, Lori and Linda Cain explore the world of retreats and events. Linda, from Blue Diamond Events, shares her expertise on planning and hosting various types of retreats.

She emphasizes the importance of having a clear purpose, budget, and understanding of the contracts to avoid hidden costs.

They discuss the benefits of retreats for networking and business growth, and how even small, local events can lead to significant business success.

Linda offers a guide to profitable events and a call for personalized advice, encouraging listeners to simplify their event planning process and focus on what works for them. The episode is filled with insights, personal experiences, and a focus on creating profitable and meaningful retreat and event experiences.

Website: Events by Blu Diamond

Connect With Linda:
Facebook: Linda.Cain
Instagram: Events by Blu Diamond
LinkedIn: Blu Diamond


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