How ADHD Traits Benefit Entrepreneurs with Diann Wingert

In this episode of the Encore Entrepreneur podcast, Lori speaks with Diann Wingert, a former psychotherapist turned coach for ADHD entrepreneurs. They delve into the unique challenges and strengths of entrepreneurs with ADHD, discussing how traits like impulsivity and a high tolerance for risk can be advantageous, while issues like time blindness and disorganization can hinder success.

Diann emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance, using tools like calendars and reminders, and the benefits of hiring assistants who complement the entrepreneur’s weaknesses. 

The episode concludes with Lori expressing excitement for a budding friendship with Diann.

Diann’s Free Gift: She offers a quiz called “What’s Holding You Back?” to help identify personal barriers to success and provides resources for improvement. I want to take the Quiz

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LinkedIn: Diann Wingert Coaching
YouTube: Diann’s Channel


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