Building Your Branding Secret Weapon

Have you ever wondered how successful businesses create their unique brand identity? In this episode of “The Encore Entrepreneur,” LoriĀ  introduces the concept of a character diamond, a framework used in branding to identify key traits of a person or company. The character diamond is a useful tool for developing a brand with dimension and identifying key traits that make it unique. By using this framework, individuals can gain insight into what successful businesses stand for and how they present themselves to the public.

Lori provides examples of using the character diamond for personal and business branding, such as Spider-Man and Tesla. She encourages listeners to create their own character diamond by drawing a diamond and identifying their north star, counter star, non-negotiable, and flaw. This framework can be used for personal and business branding, and Lori suggests using self-deprecating humor and discussing struggles and challenges to make the brand more relatable.

Overall, the character diamond is a valuable tool for developing a brand’s messaging and social media presence. Lori emphasizes the importance of understanding a brand’s character and using that knowledge to create a strong and effective brand identity. So, are you ready to create your own character diamond and take your brand to the next level?

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