Creatively Repurposing Your Content

How to Blend Your Strengths and Interests to Create a Unique Business

Are you struggling to find your passion or create a business that truly represents who you are? Look no further than Stefana Johnson, bestselling author and health coach, who shares her tips for blending your strengths and interests to create a unique business.

In a recent Facebook Live session with Lori Lyons, host of the Encore Entrepreneur Podcast, Stefana discusses how she developed her own methodology in yoga, pilates, and tai chi, and how she blended her different strengths and interests to create her business. She also shares how she shifted to virtual coaching due to COVID-19 after closing down her brick and mortar studio.

Stefana emphasizes the importance of finding your passion and sharing your expertise in a way that feels genuine to you, rather than trying to fit into a mold that doesn’t work. She also talks about the benefits of repurposing content, taking one recorded piece and using it in multiple ways to make content creation easier for entrepreneurs.

Stefana also discusses the importance of understanding your ideal client and creating buyer personas to target different audiences. She recommends having a structured approach to marketing, identifying the pillars of your business, and creating content around them.

If you’re struggling with hiring and managing assistants, Stefana also offers her tips and recommends hiring before you need them and properly onboarding them with clear processes and expectations.

Overall, Stefana’s approach to blending your strengths and interests to create a unique business is refreshing and inspiring. Take advantage of her free 15-minute consultation and check out her resources on her website. Don’t forget to also subscribe and rate the Encore Entrepreneur Podcast for more valuable insights on entrepreneurship.