102: Encore Stories: Running a Business As a Full Time Caregiver with Jane Bishop

Have you ever felt like you needed to pivot in your business? Maybe things weren’t going as planned, or you realized that your niche wasn’t aligning with your values. Well, according to Jane Bishop, founder of Take the Next Step, pivoting is a lot like pivoting in basketball – you put one foot down and make finer tuned movements.

In a recent episode of the Encore Stories series, Jane shared her journey from being a basketball coach to a solopreneur and caregiver for her mother with dementia. She emphasized the importance of adaptability and self-awareness in managing both personal and professional challenges.

One of the key takeaways from Jane’s story is the value of being true to oneself and aligned with one’s values. As she gained more experience, she learned to focus on working with clients who were ready, willing, and able to work with her. She also had upfront conversations with clients about her limitations as a caregiver and the need for safety precautions.

Jane’s insights on pivoting in business and embracing modifications allowed her to remain sharp and present. She encouraged listeners to acknowledge and embrace their realities and stay attuned to new avenues of staying current with potential clients and trends.

Overall, Jane’s story highlights the importance of perspective, positivity, and self-leadership in navigating the challenges of both personal and professional life. So, the next time you feel like you need to pivot in your business, remember to put one foot down and make finer tuned movements. Who knows, you might just open up more possibilities.


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