Having the Business of Your Dreams with Felicia Searcy

Unlocking Your Power Through Universal Law: A Guide to Building a Business Based on Your Soul’s Calling

Are you an entrepreneur who has achieved some level of success but still feels dissatisfied and wants to make a bigger difference? Do you believe in the power of your thoughts to create your results? If so, you might want to consider tapping into universal law to unlock your power and build a business based on your soul’s calling.

In a recent episode of the Encore Entrepreneur Podcast, host Lori Lyons interviewed Felicia Cerci, who helps entrepreneurs answer their soul’s calling and build their businesses based on universal law. Felicia explained that our desires and soul’s calling are divinely designed and that saying yes to something bigger than ourselves allows more life force energy to express through us. She also compared the concept of universal law to the law of gravity, stating that our ability to create is just as real and predictable.

Felicia emphasized the importance of tapping into what brings you most alive when building a business. She encouraged listeners to pick the things that bring them most alive and pour energy into them, regardless of whether it’s speaking, social media, or something else. Felicia also addressed the idea that owning one’s gifts can feel arrogant but explained that it is arrogant not to own them.

Felicia and Lori also discussed the importance of owning one’s worth and not settling for less. Felicia encouraged entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and their offerings, and not downplay their value. She also challenged conventional thinking by suggesting that entrepreneurs can have both a big house and travel the world by increasing their capacity for abundance.

If you’re interested in learning more about universal law and building a business based on your soul’s calling, you might want to check out Felicia’s website and grab her Spiritual Success Full-On Toolkit. This toolkit includes instructions on writing a vision, the art and science of visioning, a meditation to listen deeply to what brings you most alive, and a daily practice to integrate the vision into your life.

Remember, when we believe in the power of universal law, we become obsessed with learning how to direct it, regardless of what is happening in our external world. So, what are you waiting for? Unlock your power through universal law and build a business based on your soul’s calling today!

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