Mastering Your Business Growth with a Book

In this episode, Lori delves into the various types of business books, from educational resources filled with actionable content to inspirational memoirs that narrate personal journeys of success and struggle. She shares valuable insights into the decision-making process behind choosing the right type of book to meet your business goals, whether it’s to educate, inspire, or simply share knowledge.

The episode also covers crucial aspects of the publishing world, including the benefits and drawbacks of self-publishing versus traditional publishing methods. Listeners will gain an understanding of what makes a book both compelling and sellable, including the importance of an engaging cover and the strategic use of collaborative books to broaden one’s reach.

Featuring personal anecdotes and lessons from Lori’s own experiences, as well as insights from book publishing expert Anita Henderson, this episode is a treasure trove of advice for anyone looking to make their mark with a book. Whether you’re writing to establish authority or to connect with a broader audience, the discussion provides a roadmap for using literature as a powerful marketing tool.


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