MORE Strategies and Tactics for Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

**5 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Build Your Network and Find New Opportunities**

Are you looking to expand your network and find new business opportunities? Look no further than LinkedIn! In a recent podcast episode, Lori Lyons shared valuable insights and strategies for utilizing LinkedIn to grow your brand and establish your expertise in a professional and business-like manner. Here are five tips to get started:

1. Engage with people you admire: Even if they may not be directly related to your business, engaging with people whose thoughts and ideas you admire can organically grow your contact list and potentially lead to new opportunities.

2. Follow job postings and companies: By doing so, you can potentially find new opportunities and make connections with people in those companies.

3. Utilize Sales Navigator: Sales Navigator can lead to valuable connections and potential clients, but make sure to avoid spamming.

4. Check your LinkedIn recommendations: Recommendations can provide valuable information and potentially lead to new connections and opportunities.

5. Be proactive and strategic: By engaging with others and being open to new connections, you can expand your reach and potentially find new clients and opportunities.

Remember to approach LinkedIn strategically and authentically to achieve your desired outcomes. Happy networking!

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