Secrets for Building a Client Attracting LinkedIn Profile with Rhonda Sher

1/6 I had an amazing conversation with LinkedIn expert and coach Rhonda Sher on the Encore Entrepreneur Podcast! We talked about how to use LinkedIn effectively for business and shared personal anecdotes. Check it out!

2/6 Rhonda emphasized the importance of building a strong foundation for your LinkedIn profile and developing rapport with potential clients without being salesy. Her SURE method is duplicatable and can help anyone achieve their business goals on LinkedIn.

3/6 We also discussed the advantages of having a large following on LinkedIn and the importance of follow-up and integrity. Rhonda shared tips on how to handle sales pitches and use video messaging effectively.

4/6 Rhonda’s tips and insights provide valuable guidance for anyone looking to use LinkedIn effectively for business. She even offers a December special for her course “Posting for Profit” at half price! Don’t miss out!

5/6 I learned so much from Rhonda and her expertise in LinkedIn. We encourage listeners to focus on one goal and use LinkedIn as a tool to achieve it. Connect with Rhonda on LinkedIn and let her know you heard about her on the podcast!

6/6 As a bonus, visit messy for a free resource on the top 10 messy marketing mistakes entrepreneurs make. Join my private Facebook group, Make Your Marketing Simple, where like-minded business owners can connect and support each other.

Check out this episode!