Overcoming VideoPhobia

Are you struggling to incorporate video into your business strategy? Look no further than these tips from marketing strategist Lori Lyons on the latest episode of the Encore Entrepreneur Podcast. From optimizing video content for search engine optimization to analyzing video analytics, Lori provides valuable insights on how to make the most of video for your business.

But don’t let self-consciousness hold you back – as Amy Porterfield reminds us, people are more focused on their own thoughts and concerns than on our appearance or mistakes. So be yourself, be authentic, and follow Lori’s advice to create engaging and effective videos that attract and retain viewers. And who knows – with the rise of platforms like TikTok as a search engine for videos, your video content could be the next big thing. Tune in to the Encore Entrepreneur Podcast for more insights and strategies on turning your passion into a successful business.

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