Podcast Secrets to Attract More Listeners with Kay Suthar

Lori introduces Kay Suthar, a podcast producer from London. They discuss the value of podcasting for business owners and the benefits of being a guest on podcasts. Kay shares her personal experience as a guest and emphasizes the importance of authenticity. They also discuss tips for building an audience and promoting a podcast effectively. Kay advises on balancing providing value to the audience while attracting ideal clients. They explore collaboration opportunities and the importance of narrowing down a niche. Kay introduces the concept of implementing NFTs into podcasts for additional revenue and community engagement. The episode concludes with a gift for the audience – the “Three Ultimate Secrets of Getting Booked on Podcasts.”

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Kay’s free gift: https://getbookedonpodcast.com/

You can reach Kay:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kay-suthar-make-your-mark/
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@MakeYourMarkAgency