Repurposing Your Podcast Content

Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of your podcast content? In this episode, Lori discusses the benefits of repurposing podcast content and how to do it effectively. Lori shares her experience as a podcaster and how she has learned the importance of repurposing content. She explains how she uses an AI platform to generate show notes and transcripts, which allows her to easily turn transcripts into blog posts and social media posts. She also shares various ways to repurpose podcast content, including creating micro-content, infographics, and ebooks.

The most valuable lesson from this podcast is that repurposing podcast content can help maximize your investment and reach a wider audience. Lori recommends several AI platforms for transcription and repurposing content, such as PodSqueeze, Otter, Descript, and By repurposing podcast content, you can create a content recycling system that keeps on giving. So, don’t let your podcast content go to waste – start repurposing it today!

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