Rockin’ Your Business With TikTok

5 Tips for Using TikTok to Grow Your Business

If you think TikTok is just for dancing teenagers, think again! In this episode of the Encore Entrepreneur podcast, Carrie Berry, owner of Clean in Vogue and Super Future She, shares her experience using TikTok to grow her businesses. Here are five tips for using TikTok to grow your business:

Don’t try to be on every social media platform at once. Gary Vaynerchuk recommends using TikTok for business, so focus on building your presence there.

Use trending songs and follow relevant hashtags to gain more attention on the platform. Carrie suggests using hashtags related to your niche and location, and observing other users in your industry to generate ideas.

Add words to your videos for the hearing impaired and for people who watch videos with the volume turned down. Carrie recommends using the app InMotion to speed up the videos and add words on top of them.

Be consistent and don’t overthink content. Don’t worry about haters, focus on attracting your target audience.

Use a call to action in your bio and be consistent with branding. Carrie’s biggest mistake with TikTok was not being consistent enough.

Remember to keep it simple and consistent, and don’t get hung up on hashtags. And if you’re not convinced yet, tune in to the Encore Entrepreneur podcast for a deeper dive into TikTok and other social media platforms. Happy TikToking!

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