135: The Beauty of the Midlife Swivel with Pat Fenner

In this podcast episode, host Lori interviews Pat Fenner, a podcast producer and founder of Eagle’s Wings Services. They discuss Pat’s journey of self-teaching and starting her podcast production business. Pat shares the various tasks involved in podcast production and encourages clients to have guests on their shows. They also talk about Pat’s pivot from being a homeschool educator to a podcast producer and the importance of self-discovery and personal growth during career transitions. Pat emphasizes the need to explore interests, strengths, and passions, and shares her concept of living outward and serving others. They also discuss being intentional, overcoming self-doubt, aging, and the growing trend of entrepreneurship among their age group. Pat introduces her program, the Productive Podcasters Lab, and offers a discount code for Lori’s audience.

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Pat’s Free Gift:
Discount code – Forever 25% off of The Productive Podcasters Lab – Use Code: encoure25


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