The Entitlement of Ageism with Catharine O’Leary

Are you an older entrepreneur struggling to find your place in the corporate world? Do you feel like your age and experience are working against you? In this episode of the Encore Entrepreneur Podcast, Catharine O’Leary, founder of the Ideal Client Academy, shares her personal experience of being made redundant at the age of 50 and struggling to find a job due to ageism. Catharine and Lori discuss the importance of understanding your ideal client and using intentional questioning to build relationships with them. They also touch on the growing trend of older individuals starting their own businesses due to difficulty finding jobs in the corporate world.

But the conversation doesn’t stop there. Catharine and Lori also discuss the impact of the pandemic on the workforce, generational differences in the workforce, and the issue of technology and its impact on family dynamics. They touch on the importance of setting boundaries and being flexible in communication patterns, and the need for balance between digital and analog communication. Regardless of age, anyone can create opportunities and pursue their dreams. Catharine emphasizes the importance of treating everyone with kindness and understanding. So, if you’re looking to improve your communication skills and build better relationships, this episode is for you. Plus, Catharine offers a free quiz to help entrepreneurs identify their ideal client, so don’t miss out on that!

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