The Power of Positive Interruption with Jane Bishop

Are you feeling burnt out from work or struggling to maintain a positive mindset? In this episode of the Encore Entrepreneur podcast, Lori and Jane Bishop discuss the importance of self-leadership and positive interruption in achieving success and avoiding burnout.

Jane shares her concept of positive interruption, which involves interrupting someone in a positive way to give their brain a break and shift their perspective. She emphasizes the importance of taking breaks throughout the day to rest and recharge our brains.

Throughout the episode, they discuss the importance of self-belief, mindset, and owning our mistakes in leadership. They also touch on the challenges they face in their personal lives and how they prioritize self-care.

Listeners are encouraged to rate themselves on their self-leadership and consider what steps they can take to improve. Jane promotes her Positive Interrupter Tool and course, while Lori invites listeners to join her Make Your Marketing Simple private Facebook group.

Take the next step in your personal and professional growth by learning the power of positive interruption and self-leadership.

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