54: The Scale Tool: Your Email List

**Gamifying Your Email List Building: Tips from Lori Lyons**

Building an email list is one of the most essential assets a business can own, and Lori Lyons, host of the Encore Entrepreneur podcast, has some great tips to make it more fun and engaging. In a recent episode, Lori discusses the use of gamification to collect email addresses for your business.

According to Lori, businesses can use fun quizzes or questionnaires related to their business to collect email addresses. For example, she had a quiz on her website that asked if your website needed a facelift, with questions like “When was the last time you updated your photos?” and a humorous picture of someone with an outdated hairstyle.

Lori also suggests using gamification for product-based businesses, such as a spinning wheel with discounts or freebies for customers. She also recommends using email lists for exclusive offers or notifications about new products or seasonal changes.

However, Lori emphasizes the importance of good list etiquette, such as not bombarding subscribers with too many emails and being selective about who has access to your list for affiliate marketing purposes. She advises using an email system for bulk emails to ensure compliance with unsubscribe regulations.

Lori reminds listeners to cherish their email list as it’s an asset to their business. She advises not to abuse it and to consider it an honor to have someone’s email on your list.

In conclusion, Lori provides valuable insights on email marketing and emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining a quality email list for your business. By implementing gamification strategies, businesses can make the process of collecting email addresses more fun and engaging for their audience.

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