Scaling Your Business from Local to Worldwide with Leontine Boxem

**Unlock Your Full Potential: Lessons from a Transformational Coach**

Are you feeling stuck and unsure of how to unlock your full potential?  Leontine Boxem, is a transformational coach who helps individuals overcome invisible barriers that hold them back. In a recent podcast episode, Leontine shared her expertise on personal transformation, authenticity in marketing, and the impact of family and cultural history on one’s mindset.

Leontine’s journey from a local coach in Holland to an international coach and speaker is an inspiring tale of breaking through cultural barriers and owning one’s potential. She emphasizes the importance of being honest with one’s story and sharing from the heart, even if it means being imperfect. Leontine’s use of quizzes as a marketing tool is also a valuable lesson, allowing potential clients to identify their specific needs and guiding them towards the right program or service.

But perhaps the most important takeaway from Leontine’s insights is the importance of self-awareness and inner work in achieving success. By rewiring and rewriting stories, individuals can find their true selves and unlock their full potential. So take a cue from Leontine and start your journey towards personal transformation and self-awareness today!

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