The Why’s and How’s of YouTube for the Small Business Owner That Hates Video!

Why Video is Worth a Million Words for Your Business

In today’s digital age, video has become an essential tool for promoting businesses. Whether you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur, video can help you show your personality and branding to potential customers. On a recent podcast episode, a guest speaker shared some valuable tips for optimizing video content and starting a YouTube channel.

First and foremost, the speaker emphasized the importance of consistency when it comes to posting videos on YouTube. They recommended posting once or twice a week, at the same time every week. The speaker also mentioned checking analytics to find out when the best time to post is for your audience.

Creating a great thumbnail is another crucial aspect of video optimization. The speaker suggested using a logo or face on the thumbnail and showing emotion. End screens can also be used to promote your website, lead magnet link, or related videos.

But optimization doesn’t stop there. The speaker stressed the importance of using keywords in the video title and description, as well as tags and hashtags, to increase visibility on search engines. They also recommended creating transcripts and using closed captions for user experience. Keeping the content relevant and on-topic can help keep users engaged and improve search engine rankings.

Lastly, the speaker recommended using a tool called YouTube Buddy to help with analytics and keyword selection. By researching competitors’ keywords, you can gain insight into successful keywords and improve your ranking on YouTube.

In conclusion, video is worth a million words for your business. By following these tips and optimizing your video content, you can attract more viewers to your YouTube channel and increase visibility for your business. So why not start today and see the results for yourself?