The Winding Road of Diane Bogino

Building Confidence, HR, and Starting a Business: Insights from Diane Bongino

Are you struggling to find confidence in your workplace or considering a career change? You will enjoy this insightful conversation between Lori and Diane Bogino on the Encore Stories series of the Encore Entrepreneur Podcast. Diane shares her expertise on HR, management skills, and starting a successful business.

One key takeaway from the conversation is the importance of building self-confidence. Diane shares that she helps people build their confidence, as she had to do it for herself every day due to her abusive childhood. She advises people to get rid of negative voices in their head and start doing research to find out what skills they have. She also suggests that companies should be more targeted in their job descriptions and offer coaching and mentoring programs to their employees.

Another important topic discussed is HR and the hiring process. Diane advises entrepreneurs to learn how to interview and coach potential employees, and to use assessments to identify the best candidates. She emphasizes the importance of hiring someone with a positive attitude, as skills can be taught but a bad attitude can be detrimental to the team.

Finally, Diane shares her experience starting her own business and offers advice for those contemplating their future in business. She highlights the importance of persistence and staying in the game, whether in entrepreneurship or corporate careers. She also stresses the need for business acumen and problem-solving skills.

Overall, this conversation provides valuable insights for anyone looking to build their confidence, improve their hiring process, or start a successful business. So, take a listen and be inspired to take action towards a better career and life.

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