Turning Prospecting into Gold with Wendy Weiss

In this episode, Lori introduces guest Wendy Weiss, founder of Salesology, who specializes in helping business owners improve their prospecting and appointment-setting skills.

Wendy shares her three-step method for increasing qualified appointments and sales. She emphasizes the importance of warming up before reaching out to prospects, rehearsing to develop muscle memory, and performing with confidence.

Wendy discusses the misconception that prospecting is no longer necessary in the age of social media and networking events, and highlights the effectiveness of phone calls in standing out from competitors.

She also provides tips on creating compelling messaging, overcoming objections, and following up with prospects.

Wendy offers a collection of free gifts for listeners to access and invites them to visit her website and podcast for more resources. Lori encourages listeners to take advantage of Wendy’s expertise and services.

Website: Salesology.com

Free gift: The Salesology Vault

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