60: Uplevel your speaking!

**How to Elevate Your Speaking Skills and Connect with Your Audience**

Are you looking to improve your speaking skills and elevate your message? In this post, we’ll explore tips from marketing strategist and digital marketer Lori Lyons on how to prepare for different types of speaking engagements and connect with your audience.

According to Lori, there are three types of speaking engagements: those where you get paid prior to the event, those where you get paid during the event, and those where the speaking is strictly for lead generation or building your expertise. Each type requires a different approach, but the key is to give value to your audience and not just pitch your products or services.

So how can you gain speaking experience and connect with your audience? Lori suggests starting with virtual options like social media lives, virtual events, and summits before stepping onto a physical stage. She also recommends tailoring your presentation to the audience and time constraints and practicing but not sounding rehearsed.

When it comes to speaking, being conversational is key. Practice the give and take of a conversation with the audience and watch other speakers to learn from their inflection, pauses, and modulation of voice. Incorporating humor can also draw the audience in and make them more receptive to your message.

Lastly, remember to breathe and find natural breathing points in your speech to regulate your breath and calm your nerves. And instead of ending with a lead magnet, offer it before the closing and finish with something that the audience can’t live without.

Overall, Lori’s tips aim to help speakers elevate their skills and connect with their audience in a meaningful way. So why not have fun with speaking and think about what you have to offer the world? Who knows where it could lead?

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