Branding is Perception – How is YOUR business perceived?

Are you a direct marketer looking to stand out from the crowd? Lori Lyons, host of the Encore Entrepreneur Podcast, has some valuable insights on the importance of branding in business. In her latest episode, she discusses the different ways that branding can help establish emotional connections with clients and prospects.

Lori uses examples of iconic brands like Coca-Cola, FedEx, and Airbnb to illustrate how branding can tie into emotions such as joy, happiness, and pride. She also emphasizes the importance of being relevant and current in your branding, as well as understanding your target audience.

But how can direct marketers establish their own brand when working with a company? Lori suggests finding ways to differentiate oneself and establish credibility and expertise in the industry. She shares personal experiences of branding herself when selling jewelry for Park Lane and encourages listeners to create a brand that they can get behind and that will last through the different stages of their business.

Lori also provides resources for business owners to learn and grow their marketing skills, including her website, messy, and her private Facebook group, Make Your Marketing Simple. So, if you’re a direct marketer looking to stand out and establish your own brand, be sure to check out Lori’s episode and join her community!

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