Jennie Bellinger and How She Uses Branding to Attract… and Repel… Clients

Title: “Badass Direct Sales Mastery: Why a Unique Branding Strategy Can Attract the Right Clients”

In this episode of the Encore Entrepreneur Podcast, host Lori Lyons interviews Jenny Bellinger, a direct sales coach and professional certified coach. They discuss Jenny’s journey from direct sales to coaching and the importance of support in direct sales. Jenny shares her experience of building a successful business in direct sales and realizing the high turnover rate in the industry. She transitioned into coaching to provide support to others in the direct sales industry. They also talk about the importance of investing in your business and valuing the transformation that your product or service provides.

Jennie’s unique branding strategy involves “BDSM” as a way to help people step outside of their comfort zones. She believes that people who stay inside their comfort zones don’t grow or succeed. Her brand is about helping people get comfortable outside of their comfort zone and be comfortable with being different. Jennie also shares how her branding is a deliberate way of discouraging those that are not ideal clients for her – and her quirky since of humor – to seek help elsewhere.

Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of using branding to serve your ideal clients and to uplevel your business strategies.

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