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Are you a gardening enthusiast looking for some inspiration this spring? Look no further than the world of podcasts! Lori Lyons, host of the Encore Entrepreneur Podcast and marketing strategist, shares her top picks for gardening podcasts to help you grow your own vegetables and live a self-sustaining lifestyle.

First up is “Pioneering Today” by Melissa Norris, a podcast that covers a variety of topics related to homesteading, self-sufficiency, and gardening. For those just starting out, Lyons recommends “The Beginner Gardener” by Jill McSheehy, which provides tips and tricks for growing your own vegetables and creating a beautiful garden. Another great option is “The Joe Gardener Show” hosted by Joe Lampel, a master gardener expert who has done TV shows on the Discovery Channel.

But gardening isn’t the only topic covered by podcasts. Lyons notes that there are podcasts for every interest, including kids and family, arts, religion, and even true crime. She recommends checking out Podcast Magazine for articles and information on podcasting and encourages listeners to join her Make Your Marketing Simple private Facebook group for like-minded business owners.

So whether you’re looking to grow your own vegetables or simply broaden your podcast horizons, be sure to check out these recommendations from Lori Lyons. And don’t forget to subscribe and rate the Encore Entrepreneur Podcast for more business advice and inspiration!

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