Reeling in the Reels with Susan Crews

**5 Tips for Using Reels on Instagram to Boost Your Business**

Are you struggling to gain traction on Instagram? Are you looking for new and creative ways to attract followers and increase engagement? Look no further than reels! In a recent episode of the Encore Entrepreneur podcast, host Lori Lyons and guest Susan Cruz discuss the benefits of using reels on Instagram and offer helpful tips for entrepreneurs looking to expand their social media presence. Here are five tips for using reels effectively on Instagram:

1. Make it fun: Financial planning and social media marketing can be daunting, but incorporating reels into your strategy can make it more enjoyable. Take a cue from Susan Cruz and find ways to make your reels fun and reflective of your brand. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and let your creativity shine through.

2. Use trending music: Incorporating trending music into your reels can attract new viewers and followers who may not have found your content otherwise. But be strategic in your choices – choose music that aligns with your brand and personality.

3. Plan ahead: To make the most out of using reels, Susan suggests reverse engineering your social media plan by outlining it quarterly and highlighting important events or product launches. This will ensure that your content is timely and relevant.

4. Repurpose content: Don’t let your reels go to waste – repurpose them for different platforms and audiences. And don’t forget to use the music provided by the platform to avoid any legal issues.

5. Have fun with it: At the end of the day, social media should be enjoyable! Don’t take yourself too seriously and remember to have fun with creating content.

By incorporating these tips into your social media strategy, you can effectively use reels on Instagram to boost your business. And don’t forget to check out the resources and communities available to support you on your journey. Happy posting!

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