Reels Can Brand You and Your Business in a New Fun Way

Are you a business owner looking to up your social media game? Have you heard of Instagram reels? In her latest podcast episode, Lori Lyons provides valuable insights on how to use Instagram reels for business purposes. She shares tips on how to plan out your reels, choose the right music and effects, and showcase your brand and offerings.

Lori emphasizes the importance of making engaging and visually appealing reels to attract and retain viewers. She also suggests showcasing your skills, products, and personality to promote your business and connect with your audience.

But the real magic happens when you provide value to your audience. Lori provides examples of hooks for different types of businesses and encourages business owners to share lessons learned or mistakes made. By providing value and being authentic, you can use Instagram reels to showcase your business and connect with your audience.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and start planning your next Instagram reel! And don’t forget to share it with Lori and the Make Your Marketing Simple Facebook group.

Check out this episode!