Using Sales Tools and Techniques without Being Smarmy with Liz Rosselli (Part 1)

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to make sales calls? Do you feel sleazy or overwhelmed by the process? Look no further than the Encore Entrepreneur Podcast’s latest episode on sales with Liz Rossi, owner of Sales Savvy. Liz emphasizes the importance of having a simple sales process, a targeted prospecting list, and a clear purpose for the first call. She also shares tips on overcoming fear of rejection and being prepared for common objections. Building relationships and establishing trust through research and personal connections is key to effective sales. Liz also offers valuable insights on using LinkedIn as a sales tool, while being mindful of the negative aspects of the platform. Follow-up is crucial, and Liz suggests using multiple touchpoints and a CRM system to stay top of mind with potential clients. Don’t miss Liz’s free five-point checklist on keeping your pipeline flowing, and her new Circle of Success Membership program. Tune in to the next episode to learn about the difference between sales and marketing and how they work together to build a successful business.

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